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Together we rule about your future

The name Scepter

The name Scepter is for us a symbol of power. The power to do it different in the world of working with agencies, at jobs in the cleaning-, logistics and production world. Faster, better and especially: more humane. We look to who you are and what you need. As client or as employee. Together we wave the scepter. Together we rule about your future.

What we do

We place and accompany employees in the production, logistics and cleaning industry. While doing this, we are looking to the client as well as the employee, we create the perfect match. Our job in the process is to constantly being an active partner between client and employee.

What does this mean for clients?

  • Enough people at the right spot.
  • Employees who really fit your company.
  • Accompany from our site with placed employees.
  • Clear communication so that you know where you stand.

What does this mean for employees?

  • Working on a safe spot that fits you.
  • Your contract and working conditions clear digital.
  • Development opportunities such as language courses and vocational training.
  • Personal contact and always someone who you can reach.

Therefore Scepter

There are a lot of agencies. But Scepter rules. Why? Because of our four advantages.

We are young and not afraid to work. This means we won’t stop before the job is done. And what we say, we’ll do. We can’t make it? Also then you will here this immediateley or on time. Because having power also means being honest.
We are working with Scepter because we like it. You can feel this joyment when you are in contact with us. We are passionate, don’t act any fancier than we are, like low-threshold communication and enjoy having a drink with each other.
We are looking to the person that is in front of us. To who you are as a client. And what you are looking for as an employee. While doing this we are watching personal characteristics and qualities. Because we are matching people. Not cv’s.
The complete picture is correct. The placement of temporary staff and everything after. The first day at work. Contact with the client. Contracts. Training courses. Everything. We’ll reacht great hights to achieve this. How about translating during a doctor’s appointment? We’ll do it. That’s perfection.


23 April 2024

Increase in legal minimum wage

After the increase in the legal minimum wage on 1 Januria 2024 from €11.51 to €13.27 (based on a 40-hour working week), on 1 July 2024, there will be another increase in the legal minimum wage based on the six-monthly…
9 January 2024

Vacancy – Intercedent

Will you join our team? To expand our team, we are looking for a π—Άπ—»π˜π—²π—Ώπ—°π—²π—±π—²π—»π˜ who wants to join us in growing Scepter Arbeidsbemiddeling & Advies B.V. Our office is located in 𝗩𝗼𝗹𝗸𝗲𝗹, so this is where we are based.…
7 September 2023

Employee story: Adam (20 years) is working already more then year with Scepter; ‘When I need help, there is always someone to help me!’.

For the first rubric of β€˜Working at Scepter’ we spoke with Adam. Adam is working already more than a year as operator for our client Amixo in Tilburg. Amixo is a co-maker and (re)packer of food ingredients for national and…